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In addition to offering personal and group improvement programs, Performance Prime and its founder Dr. Jacques Dallaire have authored a number of books aimed at understanding and furthering ones personal performance.

These books are available for purchase directly from this website and allow the reader to harness the skills necessary to perform at their very best regardless of their field.

Performance Thinking


Performance Thinking addresses two basic but profoundly important questions:

- How do I mentally sabotage my own performance?

- How can I learn not to?

This interactive book provides a simple but powerful framework of mental “Rules” that you can use to understand clearly how the way that you think - directly and indirectly - influences how you perform. The A.C.T. Model© process that Dr. Dallaire helps you to create for yourself is a proven methodology that has helped many individuals to achieve - and even exceed - their performance goals.

Helping Kids Perform


Heightened anxiety always affects performance in a negative way. Learn how to help your child remain calm and perform at their best, even in high-pressure situations.

Confidence is critical to the mindset that leads us to our best performance and yet, the vast majority of people wrestle with the issue of poor self-confidence every day. Learn what you can do to keep confidence high regardless of the situation… and how you can transfer this understanding to your children.

Focusing more is not necessarily the answer to your child’s performance problems. Learn what top performers have come to understand – that the real key to success is how you CONTROL your focus.

Negative stress can corrupt your mindset and hurt your performance. Learn how you can more effectively cope with stressful situations and preserve your ability to deliver your best performance, no matter how challenging the task.

Self-Esteem reflects the reputation that we develop with ourselves. Learn how you can help your child to build self-esteem.

How does your child mentally set him/herself up for failure? Understand what role you might be playing in inadvertently sabotaging your child and learn how you can teach them to avoid this trap.

Helping Kids Perform


The pressure and stress of life that most people live under makes society a difficult environment for law enforcement professionals to work within, especially when they’re charged with the complex job of serving the public, keeping the peace, and bringing criminals to justice. Indeed, a broad list of real-world challenges – terrorism, poverty, crime, mental health issues, racial tension, drugs, greed – create impediments that make the job of policing our communities difficult and at times, outright dangerous. And yet, we depend on the selfless men and women of law enforcement to put their life at risk to protect us virtually every day. At the same time, the system rightly demands that they not overstep their authority and that they interact with the people they’re in business to serve in a fair, respectful and balanced way. But these opposing forces can sometimes lead to situations where officers and agents are torn between feeling like they’re damned if they take action and equally damned if they don’t. This cognitive tug-of-war can serve to sabotage their mindset and their personal performance and it can sometimes lead to errors in both judgment and execution…with disastrous results.

In ‘Performance Thinking for Law Enforcement’ the author shares principles derived from over 4 decades of real-world experience in the high-performance domain to help you understand how the way that you think influences how you feel, how you behave and ultimately, how you perform. This knowledge, together with the ACT Model technique that is discussed in detail within the book will show you how to more effectively control the way that you think so that you can optimize your performance on command, rather than mentally sabotage it. The end result is better performance and greater safety.