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Helio Castroneves [4:27]
3x Indy 500 winner
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High Performance Programs - Overview

Performance Prime offers leading high-performance programs utilizing cutting-edge testing and training techniques.In today's highly competitive and results-oriented environment, the need to be successful demands that we attend to all relevant areas as far as our personal performance is concerned. However, the challenges and pressures that are an integral part of these environments, along with the many factors outside of our direct control often make attaining this goal difficult.

Our clients come from every walk of life and span a variety of age groups but they share one common goal - a desire to maximize the results they achieve as they take on the many challenges of their distinctive sport or work environments. Business executives, sales professionals, racecar drivers, pilots, surgeons, and athletes from a broad cross-section of the sport world have sought out Dr. Dallaire's expertise to learn how to consistently bring their "A" game to the table, whenever they're called upon to perform. Through individual and team or group programs, Dr. Dallaire has shown hundreds of high-performance competitors how the "Rules of the Mental Road" directly impact their ability to perform and how they can learn to deliver personal excellence on command.

The Business & Team Performance Development Program
The Individual Performance Enhancement Program

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