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Perform Like a Champion...What is Holding You Back? [21:00]
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Helio Castroneves [4:27]
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Performance Thinkers

We'd like to acknowledge the following "early adopters" using Performance Thinking as an integral part of their employee training programs:

  • Carl Rogers and Associates - insurance; financial services
  • CJ Wilson Racing - motor racing team
  • ClickAway Corporation - computer sales & service; cellular telephone
  • Composite Resources, Inc. - composites manufacturing; engineering
  • CORE Autosport - motor racing team
  • Dempsey Racing - motor racing team
  • Executive Management Inc. - sports management
  • Kinetic Motorsports - motor racing team; automotive engineering
  • Medical Data Carrier IM, Inc. - safety equipment
  • Medicine and Science Canada - consulting; Pharma industry
  • Minx Nails - fashion accessories
  • Stand 21 - safety apparel
  • Stix FX Entertainment - media; website design
  • Synergy Development – property development
  • The Gorsline Company - insurance; financial services
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Performance Prime develops and delivers performance-oriented programs & products that are designed to help individuals and teams realize their competitive goals. Our clients come from many walks of life – athletes from a multitude of sports, business and occupational professionals from a wide range of enterprises – but they share a common ambition: to be successful at the highest levels of the performance world in which they work or compete.

We achieve this goal through education, evaluation, training and consulting services which are individualized to the needs and challenges of each client or group, regardless of the environment in which they must perform.

Over the past 40 years, company founder Dr. Jacques Dallaire has helped thousands of high performers improve their mental skills and achieve their performance goals by helping them to understand how they mentally sabotage their own performance. His 'Rules of the Mental Road©' are a simple but powerful framework that establishes a logical progression of thought. This framework helps us more effectively control our thinking in the moment of our most challenging performances. Dr. Jacques’ new book, Performance Thinking, distills the concepts and practical strategies that he has formulated, and presents them in a simple but powerful narrative that guides the reader through the process of change.

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Ayrton Senna InterviewCurrent News from Performance Prime

Ayrton Senna and Dr. Jacques Dallaire worked together over a span of several years during the Formula One triple-world champion's illustrious career.Aryton Senna,
Formula One
Triple World Champion

Interview: June 2, 1991
Published: Oct 13, 2011

Ayrton Senna
Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D.
Dan Q. Marisi, Ph.D.

Forward: This interview was conducted in the Human Performance International (HPI) Laboratory on Isle Notre Dame (Montreal, Canada) following the 1991 Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One. My late colleague, Dr. Dan Marisi and I had been working with Ayrton since his first year in Formula One with the Toleman team (in 1984) and over the years, we had many informal discussions with Ayrton concerning racing, the challenges that racers faced on and off the track, and life in general. In 1991, we decided to sit down and put some of the pieces together and as an afterthought, we decided to tape it as well.

It was a freewheeling and open discussion on a number of topics that I hope can provide those who have an interest in Ayrton’s life & accomplishments with some greater understanding regarding what made him ‘tick’… in his own words. This document represents a verbatim transcript (with all of its grammatical errors, etc) of the interview that we conducted. On the heels of the exceptional new Senna documentary, I thought that it could provide further insight into both the complexity and the simplicity of the man many consider be one of the greatest race car drivers who ever turned a wheel. I hope you enjoy it!

- Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D.

read the full 7,000-word interview

October 28, 2013

Think Like a Champion… Perform Like a ChampionThink Like a Champion… Perform Like a Champion
A 7-hour seminar program presented by Dr. Jacques Dallaire and TruSpeed Autosport – This seminar is open to any Southern California area racing drivers, their parents, race engineers, team managers, crew chiefs, crew members, sponsor representatives, and more.

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March 13, 2013

10 Racing Books to Channel Your Inner Speed Demon10 Racing Books to Channel Your Inner Speed Demon
Dr. Jacques Dallaire's book – Performance Thinking has been listed as top 10 Racing Books to Channel Your Inner Speed Demon. In this book, he describes interactive exercises that help racers gain control of their mental attitudes toward performance, called rules of the mental road and a user manual for the human mind by his clients.

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February 27, 2013

Mental Training Toolkit©Sneak preview: Our new 'Mental Training Toolkit©' app
We will have a nearly-completed 'Demo' version of the app to present at the upcoming Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference and trade show, March 3-6, 2013 in New Orleans, LA!

more info

January 28, 2013

Janeese Show TeaserJaneese Show Teaser, with Dr. Jacques

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January 10, 2013

Performance Racing NewsNew interview with Dr. Dallaire:
FAST TALK on Performance Racing Network

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